Fresh Super Food Supplements

Pure foods kindly sent us a sample of their fresh Spirulina and Moringa to try out, which we were very excited about! Pure foods started with a vision of providing people with ethical and highly nutritional foods sourced from around the world. Spirulina and Moringa are two of the most nutritionally dense superfoods in the world. Taking supplements in powder or tablet form means that you lose a lot of the nutritional content, so Pure foods deliver it to you fresh to make sure that the goodness isn’t lost!

What is Spirulina and what is its health benefits?

Spirulina is a green-coloured algae that is rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and antioxidants. Whilst more research is needed, studies suggest many health benefits. For example, Spirulina may improve immunity, protect against allergic reactions, support probiotic health.

What is Moringa and what is its health benefits?

Moringa trees originated in the foothills of the Himilayas, and have been used in traditional Indian medicine for years. The seeds, pods and flowers are used in food (blended into drinks, added to salads or steamed!). So much more research is needed into the benefits of this superfood and researchers have only just started uncovering a fraction of their health benefits. Rich in protein, vitamin C, iron and magnesium and antioxidants, this superfood may reduce cholesterol, inflammation, immunity and boost your energy!

What are our thoughts?

We loved juicing up my green veg and then blizting through Spirulina or Moringa. Last Sunday morning I made a mean green juice (cucumber, ginger, pear, apple, celery and spinach), the added a cube of moringa. It added a creamy yet subtle taste is a great addition to your smoothie or juice!

Check out the pure foods website for more info, recipes and to order your own Spirulina and Moringa!